Fly Fishing Tackle Review: The Greys Gs2 Fly Fishing Rod


For me, there’s nothing great than standing in a fast flowing stream on a crisp, cool morning and casting my lure into the rushing water. It takes fullness of skill to be a flourishing fly fisherman, but the right fly fishing tackle is requisite as well. Your rod is particularly leading and should be chosen with care. Here’s some facts on one of my favourite fly rods, the Greys Gs2.


About the Greys Gs2 Fly Rod

The Greys Gs2 rod is the transfer for the company’s very popular G-Series. Replacing such an iconic rod wasn’t easy for Greys to do, but I think they’ve succeeded admirably. I’ve found that the Gs2 has features regularly found on much more costly fly rods, such as high grade cork components and a durable multi-composite handle. Someone else enchanting highlight is the rod’s portability. It breaks down indubitably into four manageable sections that make it quite easy to transport.

Features of the Greys Gs2 Fly Rod

The Gs2 range has been extensive to include salt-water models, so there’s sure to be a rod for virtually every angler. The Gs2 has easy to see line-up marks that facilitate spoton assembly. It also comes with a Pvc tube as well as a cloth bag, both of which are ideal for storage and transport. If you know a friend or family member that you’d like to introduce to fly fishing, the Gs2 makes a great gift because it’s appropriate for a wide collection of angling venues and situations. The rod has a nicely balanced middle tip performance that a beginner will find easy to manage. The term “action” refers to how well a fishing rod responds to bending force, also called bending curve. Someone else facet of a rod’s performance is the speed with which the rod returns to the neutral or unbent position. The middle-tip performance of the Gs2 rod means that it flexes more in the middle than at the tip or butt. Remember, though, that a given rod’s power and performance may convert depending on whether the line weight is greater or less than the rod’s “official” rating.

More About the Gs2 Fly Rod

Another highlight I like about the Gs2 is the corrosion unyielding reel seat, especially for salt-water angling. The rod also carries singular line ratings that allow even beginners to get the most from the Gs2. Just to explain, a fly fishing rod is commonly classified agreeing to the maximum weight of the fishing line that can be used with it. For those who don’t know, fishing line weight is categorised agreeing to the pounds of tensile force it can withstand before breaking. Line weight is regularly expressed in a range, for example, 8 to 15 pound line is commonly used on many spinning and casting rods.

All in all, I’ve found the Greys Gs2 rod to be an perfect piece of fly fishing tackle that I reach for more often than not.